Guest Blog: Brian Dineley

Brian Dinely, from the congregation in Dunoon, offers the following reflections on knowing when to perservere, and when to let go:

Self-Doubt Destroyed?

Set not your hand to the plough – and abandon the furrow,
Set not your step to the steep – and relinquish the hill,
Lay not your plans for the years – and despair of tomorrow
But trust in God’s goodness and Spirit to justify all.
What is this visceral instinct that bids you continue?
What is the power that keeps your ambition so pure?
Knowing Creation’s unfolding is active within you
And through you will give you the reason and will to endure.

–Brian F. Dineley. 5 November 2004

To have tackled a task to the best of our abilities and failed in the ttempt is to succeed in living. We may not win every time but we triumph when we try!

— BFD. 11 January 2007.

The above poem was written to encourage someone who was struggling ith “the Establishment” and apparently hopeless odds, hence the itle. The second piece was written for myself – but belongs to everyone!

Are these two incompatible philosophies or different facets of the same Truth? I particularly love the final phrase “We triumph when we try!” – Brian.

8 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Brian Dineley”

  1. Are these two incompatible philosophies or different facets of the same Truth?

    I don’t think either can be regarded as a truth, but I do think both philosophies require strength to follow. The poem, although it urges perseverence, also reminds us to trust in God. God doesn’t always lead us along the path we expect or even want!

    Set not your step to the steep – and relinquish the hill

    Sometimes to relinquish the hill is the only sensible option and those who refuse to do so put themselves (and sometimes others) in harm’s way!

    IMO it takes more strength of character to admit defeat than to carry on doggedly up the wrong path. There is often more than one path to the summit.

  2. I can think of nothing wise, whitty or wheighty to say except thank you Brian,you are right,trying is the key.

  3. I will miss you so much my friend, just listend to the mesage you left me on my answer machine last week, so happy i have your voice there, just cant believe you have gone. missing you and our chats pauline taylor in paisley

  4. Brian you were a source of friendship and good humor to me. I learned of your passing only today when I called at the house. I’ll miss you good friend, as we always said to each other, “God Bless you”.

  5. I just saw this post (again???) due to the comment. May he rest in peace and rise in glory.

    May I post this poem on my blog?

  6. Hellߋ! Would you mid iif I share youг blog with my
    twitter groսp? There’s a lot of people that I thinқ would really enjoy your cοntent.
    Please llet me knoѡ. Thaոk yοu

  7. To say you are warmed by a passing, is sometimes wrong, but this man was an idiot and a fraud of the about highest order, a serial adulterer who had a child out of wedlock and subsequently ignored for a decade and a half, bought a lordship and christened himself the Bishop of Dunoon, like most serial sociopaths, charming and plausible, but beneath lay a waste of human DNA, a fraud, quite frankly, an utter waste of space, if there is a heaven and he’ll, he took the express lift to the basement

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