Snow Day

snow dayI suspect that only the northerners among you — and maybe even only the American northerners at that– will truly be able to imagine the tremendous glee with which I awoke to find that it was a snow day.

Snow Days are sheer gift.

They instantly bring back memories of switching the radio on as a child, eagerly awaiting the announcement: School District 10 — closed.

I have never got past the belief that snow is God’s way of telling us to stop. And being alone on top of a hill, with a tree down across the drive and no electricity is as clear a sign as one can hope for. So I spent a glorious morning watching the snow fall. Then, when snow had stopped and birds had returned, I sat beneath a purring cat, watching the robins dance and the trees cast off their burden.

I’m sure there were things I could have done that did not involve either car or computer. But for a few hours today, the demands of beauty far outweighed the demands of my to-do list.

I hope it was the same for you.

6 thoughts on “Snow Day”

  1. The snow has not reached us in Edinburgh and the Lothians as I had hoped. School is still on. Glad that I have managed to track you down through the ether. Address?

  2. A big hello from Edmonton in western Canada. I found your blog by a circuitous route including MadPriest, Kelvin Holdsworth, and Christine McIntosh.

    We’ve got a bit of snow in Edmonton, too. If you check out my blog and scroll down a bit, you’ll see some pictures of it!

  3. Tim, welcome. Glad to see that there is someone out there who might just understand my joy at a snow day (but remember they are rare here).

    For the rest of you — check out Tim’s page and listen to his music. Well worth it.

  4. I absolutely agree with Kimberley – and it is was great to read, because I sometimes wondered if I was the only one in Scotland who felt that way. A “Snow Day” is a God given day , and yesterday morning as I watched the whiteness occlude the line of trees at the back of the house I was filled with a huge sense of peace and joy.

    It is far too easy just to “keep going” and to think that one’s presence and invovlement in so many things must be maintained, no matter the difficulty of getting to a place. But when it is wiser to stay still and not to go, then one discovers not just the fact that no one is indispensible, but also the revelation that being busy and being at the heart of things is not necessarily either right, wise or what is chosen for you…as opposed to what one chooses oneself.

    More “Snow Days” would be good for the soul.

  5. As you were enjoying the peace, I was watcing two men in a cherry-picker trying to clear the snow off the wings of my plane. After they finished the second wing they had to come back and do the first one again. I think Glasgow Airport needs more de-icing equipment! BTW – it looks pretty snowy over the top of the world too!

  6. Glad to see you’ve landed safely, Christine. I will grant that the timing of the snow day could have been better for some…

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