listening process

I suspect most of you will have already seen this at Thinking Anglicans, but in case you haven’t…

There’s an interesting public conversation going on between a Tutor in Ethics and Wycliff and a rector in South London. They come from opposite theological camps and have quite different views on what’s happening in the Anglican Communion, but are agreed in their determination to listen to each other.

The first letters set out the game board and offer nothing surprising. They seem too to be very English (I cannot imagine anyone in Scotland turning so quickly or so often to the 39 articles). It might be interesting, though, to see if they can keep conversation going without coming aground on opposing assumptions.

They deserve credit for talking publicly and civilly when so many people are either hiding or shouting.

The Thinking Anglicans link is here.

1 thought on “listening process”

  1. I’m watching this with interest, although reading the tiny writing onscreen is almost as challenging as the topic!

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