your turn

OK congregation(s) — (and anyone else who wants to join in) — this blog is getting to be more and more idiosyncratic. What would you like from it? Suggest a topic. Ask a question. Else we are in real danger of it becoming ‘Kimberly’s blog’.

3 thoughts on “your turn”

  1. So what’s wrong with Kimberly’s blog? I don’t always comment but I read it and enjoy what you have to say 🙂

  2. I’m enjoying it as it is! Personally I don’t think you can force this sort of thing; you are as likely as any of us to come up with interesting issues.

    But perhaps this is the place to ask: is the EC in the USA much more exercised about the big divisive issues than we are? And is this because we’re too busy surviving? or less passionate about anything? or too scattered? or more sophisticated? We’re certainly different!

  3. Yes, Kimberly, like Di I am enjoying it even if I don’t comment – you are setting the pace, it is interesting and indeed stimulating. In time, some of us will come up with ‘Guest Blogs’ – but in the meantime you are ‘paving the way!’

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