are they here yet?


are they here yet?

Eager anticipation in the rectory.

Tomorrow should bring both my new piano and a visit from one of Molly’s favourite (treat-bearing) friends.

Update: both piano and friend bearing squeaky toy mouse arrived safely. As for pleasurable sounds? Molly thinks the mouse wins, paws down.





5 thoughts on “are they here yet?”

  1. Well, I know she likes Bach (though I suspect she’ll find my attempts somewhat less soothing than the Andras Schiff recordings she is used to).

  2. Look forward to hearing the piano, Kimberly – and it might yet become a favourite perch for Molly!

  3. Well – the mouse certainly is a cute wee thing – but Molly is missing a treat if she doesn’t listen to the piano – it is an amazing and vesatile instrument (electric). Here’s hoping that Kimberly soon finds a tune to tempt Molly!

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