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There are two posts worth reading carefully at Thinking Anglicans.

The first is about the Primates’ Meeting later this month — more specifically, about attempts to prevent the primate of the Episcopal Church of the United States from taking part.

The second is about a Private Members Motion at Synod in the Church of England. The initial motion proposed (among other things) that every parish should ‘ensure a climate of sufficient acceptance and safety to enable the experience of lesbian and gay people to be heard…’ The bishops have proposed an amendment that omits this, and suggests instead that nothing must be done that could be seen as rocking the boat. This seems to be ‘the silencing process’ rather than ‘the listening process’.

I truly wonder what what the words ‘Anglican Communion’ will mean in a few weeks time.

2 thoughts on “worth reading”

  1. It truly breaks my heart to read both of these. How has it all become so divisive? Certainly a piece has been the turning of the church’s back (at many levels), but what else?

    I wonder, when it all finally does break apart, what will hold the conservative side together. The gay issue will be moot to them and they have so many other large disagreements among themselves.

  2. One of the tragedies is the very idea that there are only two ‘sides’ – the ‘conservative side’ and the ‘liberal side’. I think that’s simply not the case. I guess if you push me I come down on ‘the conservative side’, but I think it’s a scandal that we’ve chosen this issue, out of all the others, to divide the church over. My view of homosexuality is traditional, but I feel more of an affinity for some of my sisters and brothers on the other ‘side’, who obviously take the texts seriously but come to a different conclusion than me, but who are committed to listening and walking in love, than I do for some of the rabble rousers on either ‘side’. What have we come to in the Body of Christ when we’re talking about ‘sides’?

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