eye of the storm

This week the primates of the Anglican Communion meet to discuss the future shape of our communion.  The person at the focal point of the conflict is the Presiding Bishop of The Episcopal Church (USA), Katherine Jefferts Schori.  Certain Primates don’ t think she should be there.  They threatened to stay away if she was invited, and now say they won’t receive communion if she is there.   There is some suggestion that they hope she will yet be silenced at the meeting.

Faced with this stress, +Schori was asked how she would fare if certain primates walked out on her.  Her response?  ‘Life is too short to get too flustered.’

Good luck to her.  She deserves our prayers.

3 thoughts on “eye of the storm”

  1. Well, my first reaction is to tell those who might walk to “get a life.” I know, a very American reaction, but it is what it is. I am sure for a few the conflict within is unsurmountable, but I think for most it is simply grandstanding.

  2. Great response from the Presiding Bishop – a case of turning away wrath. And a reminder that it is love from one to another (love in all its senses) that must undrlie relationships, ot fear or judgement and still less fear of judgement.

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