5 thoughts on “Guest Blog: Gizmo Russell”

  1. Hmmm, 3rd time lucky – my last two comments have disappeared into the ether. I was trying both times to say I thought Gizmo looked more menacing than welcoming – the church ‘bouncer’.

  2. I suspect as the new welcome signs go, Molly is broad church (‘if you’re here you’re welcome — just don’t take my chair’) whereas Gizmo is more Anglo-catholic (‘Beauty is divine. I am beautiful. What are you doing here?’)

  3. I agree with all the comments – Gizmo does seem to be beautiful (I have not yet had the privilege of a personal introduction) but could come over as the church bouncer in that particular rendition of self. Molly and I are acquainted and, yes, she could be somwhat possessive of place, but in that photo and in our meetings gives me a sense of belonging. Hopefully that is not giving too much of a sense of comfort – but my recent readings make me feel that God wishes us to be comfortable in our relationship with Him and so with each other (in a broad sense!).

  4. Jackie — it seems your earlier comments fell into my spam net. But since you finally made it through, I’ve not posted the earlier versions. I’ll try to notice sooner next time.

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