swan lake

Swan Lake came to Dunoon tonight, courtesy of the Moscow Ballet.

In some circles, much has been made of the theology of the musical.  I have never been convinced.  But ballet seems more promising:  pain transformed into beauty out of sheer love and a thousand dreams of transcendence as little girls in best-dresses go pirouetting home.

3 thoughts on “swan lake”

  1. As I recall, my mother used to put on the record of that ballet (and Sleeping Beauty and Nutcracker) to accompany housecleaning, and my sister and I would dance in the living room. The way I feel about housekeeping might be different today if I’d kept up that tradition -beauty out of pain! – though I doubt I’d ever hit transcendence. Perhaps I should try it again. I think a tutu would be quite a fashion statement with a habit, too, now, don’t you think? I think I will have to ponder your theological connection here on the way to class. No doubt it will make Boston traffic easier to cope with. Thank you.

  2. Sister Sarah, I think you’re onto something with those tutus. It would save lots of ironing, and would definately do away with any scraps of false vanity. But summer only, perhaps? I look forward to seeing the community photo.

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