liturgical play

I’ve just spent the morning with the organist of Holy Trinity, trying to work through Holy Week and Easter. It’s such a delight to have someone to plan with — and someone who will share my excitement at the thought of dark churches filled with plainsong and gospel readings proclaimed with Alleluias. (Just wait– we’ll get the psalms back yet…)

Liturgy should be exciting. And never more so than in tense unfolding of Holy Week. The challenge is in breaking through the assumption that one can skip blithely from Palm Sunday to Easter morning and never miss a thing.

5 thoughts on “liturgical play”

  1. I just love plain song in dark churches…I heard some Ninth Century plainsong delivered in a candlelit Worcester Cathedral for St Oswald’s day (year’s ago) and it was one of the most stunning experiences of the liturgy I have ever had…..

  2. I can’t let Kelvin steal all the fun. Your other option for a lovely summer’s eveing is to hop on the ferry to Dunoon. Midgebites & Candlelight is a summer series — picnic on the rectory lawn, followed by a guided walk up the Bishop’s Glen, all ending with Sung Compline by Candlelight. The first one is on Pentecost. More details to follow.

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