It is nearly 7.15 pm, and darkness has not quite fallen.  The blackbird is trilling.  The deer are grazing on the lawn, and I think I’ve just seen a bat swoop by.  All of which is made more precious by the knowledge that by tomorrow, this will be happening at 8.15 pm.

UK readers:  don’t forget to spring forward. (America, as always, is ahead of us already.)

2 thoughts on “spring”

  1. And after the clocks changed, it seems as if the skies cleared. Warm sunshine where I sit in the conservatory, with Toots sitting watching what I type (I have this feeling that she is a spellchecker made flesh…)
    Yesterday and the day before I had to drive down to Dumfries for various political things. There was warmth in the streets, from voters not only positive about change, but positive about the sunshine.
    We northern European fringe dwellers crave unaccuastome light and heat even more than most other humans. One tiny good thing that may come from global warming…if I am allowed such a positive thought about a negative thing.
    My God colour today is a diffused yellowy green, the colour of light in an Argyll early spring. Or a hint of purple in tree buds . the shade they have en masse, just begining to swell. And the prayer square is full of those shades.

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