white smoke

Bob 1999

The Diocese of Aberdeen and Orkney has at last chosen its new bishop. And despite this photo being most of ten years old, I suspect it tells you all you need to know. Congratulations, Bob (and commiserations too). Can Mungee come to the consecration?

2 thoughts on “white smoke”

  1. If he preaches as well as he did at your installation – well, I shall have to travel north from time to time just to hear him.

    I have missed your posts, being away on the campaign trail. And I am off again tomorrow…so I shall catch up next week.

    Onwards – and pray for me ! Candidates need that above all else.

  2. Michael, one of the things I’ve learned from Bob over the years is that we can pray for and with people (not to mention care for and laugh with people) even when we disagree over serious issues. So, I wish you well for the election. And I pray for the Union too!

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