many blessed marthas

Beyond all the usual things that all the usual people have done this week, there has been a sudden upsurge in helpfulness.

Offers came, today (some solicited, some otherwise) to:

  1. Drive me to Colintrive should my creaking wheel bearing give way before a funeral.
  2. Pick me up at Rhubodach to get me to the church on time (should my creaking wheel bearing give way before a funeral).
  3. Keep me company on the ferry and at the crematorium, should I prefer not to be alone (this offer was made twice, by different people)
  4. Take me to Glasgow for Midge-bites & Candlelight shopping, should the drive feel overwhelming in the midst of an all too busy week. (and this person knew nothing of the wheel bearing…)

In the end, none of the offers of help were needed — but they were much appreciated.

And now, I think, despite a diary that claims I should work till midnight, I am taking tonight off.

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