getting ready

getting ready

The tent is up. The midges are here, practicing their formations and pondering the best line of attack. Midge-bites and Candlelight proceeds as planned. It’s only a little rain, after all. How else would we know it’s summer?

5pm update.  Good news.  The midges have had enough and are are dying down.  The bad news?  They got sick of the rain.  Still hoping to go ahead — either in the tent, or milling about the rectory if need be.  Compline definately on as planned at 8.30pm.

2 thoughts on “getting ready”

  1. What a wonderful evening – and what happened to the midges? As someone who usually attracts the most vicious of attacks, a serious search has revealed exactly NO midge bites!
    Thank you Kimberly for an inspiring idea. Everyone seems to have enjoyed whatever parts of it they became involved in – and compline was magical!
    Yes – we have learned a few things this time and next time we hope to have many more non-church people. It is certainly a good way of opening our arms to the community at large, so we must keep trying.

    I am sure the community would be much reassured to see that it takes all sorts to make a world – see the photo for some of the band of suspects!

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