in black and white

A good day for badgers. The latest study has shown that any attempts to cull badgers actually increases the incidence of bovine TB.

So we can leave the blessed creatures alone and rejoice in their clever self preservation tactics.

I realize I have a rather determined fondness for difficult black and white creatures: badgers, magpies, Molly, and one or two others I shan’t name.

Occupational hazard?

3 thoughts on “in black and white”

  1. B&W in this context could well be an occupational hazard in your case :o) I’d also venture to say that it’s also very calming in many ways.

    Oh to have so much B&W around and not have a B&W mind. One of many reasons I’m grateful to you answering your “calling”. No idea where that came from.

    FYI – the B&W in my life is a shear joy to behold and it’s been purrs all round.

  2. Hmm. Black and white – like old-fashioned nuns? Old fashioned striped sweets (round, take the roof off your mouth)? Uncompromising opinions? 🙂 The mid boggles at the interesting possibilities …

  3. Sorry – mind. The draft bit of wordpress comments is soooo pale! (not really black and white at all …)

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