what fun

All blogging activity today has been consumed in the thurible.

Anyone who’s missed all the fun should go read.

Tomorrow’s game is connect the dots:

  • the discussion of alterity on Kelvin’s blog (as above)
  • Ruth’s blog on St Botolph’s
  • the question of when, whether and why we may want to kneel in prayer (in the comments on ‘moving pews’, below)

2 thoughts on “what fun”

  1. Thanks for the pointer to Kelvin’s blog. Haven’t had that much fun reading in quite a while.

  2. Er yes, my blog being subtitled for ‘word wrestlers’, I feel I can only humbly point it to the wrestling match so ably contested in the comments on Kelvin’s blog. And BTW I suspect and indeed hope you may have at the HT rectory my only volume of Irigaray. No rush to return it if you have – my planned summer reading is much less demanding.

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