a better quot.

Now you see, if I had kept reading last night instead of stopping to blog, I could have offered you this instead:

… there is no point arguing with a watertight argument, since those who produce such arguments are, by definition, the sort of people whose first reaction when challenged by something different is to see it as a threat, and to circle the wagons.  It is only when the Indians ride on by without paying them any attention that they may be drawn out of their circle and nudged by a timorous curiosity into the free flow of grace.  And if they don’t come out, judging an invitation to play to be a threat to their goodness, well, that’s God’s problem, not ours, and they are well in God’s hands.

James Alison, Faith Beyond Resentment 

4 thoughts on “a better quot.”

  1. Loveley image. (off to London for a few days, but will catch up with your blog at the weekend) 🙂 The question is, are we (Piskies) Indians riding by (and playing) or have we circled our wagons and prepared for a fight?

  2. I think there are a few Indians riding by, and a few settlers circling, while most try hard to see neither the feathered headdresses nor the wagons.

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