suggestions please

One of the blogs I stumbled across one day was Sailing to Byzantium. Most days, I never get beyond reading a small circle of Scottish Piskie blogs, but I read Sailing occasionally because of the patent honesty of the author’s spiritual quest. So here’s the thing. He’s looking for the moderate voice of Anglicanism in the blogosphere: no shouting, no extremes. Blogs that will actually help on the spiritual journey (my words, not his).

My reading is so biased towards Scotland that I don’t know who to suggest.

So, I’m hoping you can help.

I have a (very) few suggestions below the fold. Please add others in the comments.

Blogs that might be of interest (in whatever order they drop out of my bookmarks…)

Maggi Dawn

Tim Chesterton

Tom Allen

Anglican Centrist

The Eternal Pursuit

as well as the Piskie lot in my Blogroll, of course.

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