another hazelnut

OK — I’m going to risk the cries of ‘how did you not know that?’ to tell you about what I’ve been listen to on the way home from Tesco’s. By random chance, I landed on Radio Scotland’s programme Real American Folk, where the guest tonight was Catherine Lavin.

My knowledge of American Folk music is limited. It comes mostly from a local radio folk show that’s on as I drive home from church when I’m in the States. It’s the sort of programme where you might get one good song for every 15 minutes of badly presented announcements. But it’s Sunday and I’ve just been to church, so I try not to shout back at the radio too much.

But I do block out whatever the presenter tells me. So tonight, Catherine Lavin came to me as an unknown name attached to a vaguely familiar voice. She was wonderful. She writes clever, perceptive songs that kept me laughing across the Clyde and rang true.

If you don’t know her, take advantage of the BBC’s Listen Again to hear tonight’s show (her bit was from 9 -10pm). You may need to wait till tomorrow unless you want to hear last week’s show. Her website is here, but she is a better songwriter than webmaster.

4 thoughts on “another hazelnut”

  1. yes; and the halloumi, the vegetables for today’s soup and tomorrow’s skewers, the condensed milk for the caramel shortbread, the brown sugar for the cakes for Rothesay, the new kettle…

    (in case you can’t tell — It’s Midge-bites & Candlelight tomorrow)

  2. Having just spent four days at the Cambridge Folk Festival, I must shake my head in dismay that you restrain yourself to one hour of folk a week. What are you like? You do redeem yourself with positive words for Christine Lavin, and hopefully you were blessed and heard her wonderful song: I Like Bald-Headed Men. It really did change my life. 😉

    Midge-bites and Candlelight, Saturday night? With more details, you just might see Alastair…

  3. She sang that one right after the thematically linked ‘Biological time bomb’.

    If your (not-yet) bald headed man is coming this way, we’d be delighted to see him. The walk up the Bishop’s glen starts at 6.30 pm. Barbecue from 7ish – 8.30. 8.30pm Compline. Since he would win the prize for ‘longest journey’, I could even throw in the offer of a bed for the night so long as he doesn’t mind risking Molly, the mice, and a grumpy sermon-writing host.

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