A remarkable thing happened tonight at a congregational meeting on the Draft Anglican Covenant.   We came to a conclusion.  It took three hours, mind, and there was some attrition along the way.  But by the end of it we had formed a small but coherent response to some of the Faith and Order board’s questions on the Anglican Covenant that is (mostly) in the group’s own words, and that will not be the same as the rector’s personal response.   You’d never guess what went into it by looking at it.

Now, on a different note:  is no one going to take the bait lurking in last night’s post?  Whence the title?  (gold stars await)

2 thoughts on “response”

  1. Well done keeping the peace last night and keeping your cool! Gold star for Kimberly 🙂

    I’m going to take a guess that the title of the last post is the Rugby school motto. My own school motto was age quod agis, which seems suitably vague for someone like me, but I can imagine a posh public school like Rugby would have a more worthy motto exhorting prayer and hard work!

  2. I always felt cheated by the motto of my school, which was Je Maintiendrai – none of us could actually pronounce it! Later, in an effort to … do something, it was changed to Nous Maintiendrions, which was even more impsooible. In the light of the direction taken by half of my family, I now see it as a judgement, or a prophecy, perhaps!

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