oranges are not the only fruit

I have just begun the process of cancelling my subscription to Orange, and thus ending a year of broadband frustration.

Orange cannot cope with Macs ( I run both a Mac and a PC for rather bizarre reasons…), and whenever I have needed customer service, it has been appalling.  Until today.  I don’t think I have ever had an easier or more pleasant phone call about computers.  I would say it was a ploy to keep customers from leaving, were it not for the fact that they did not try in any way to make me stay.

So (until the MAC code fails to arrive or the standing order is not cancelled…) one good thing to say about Orange:  it is easy to leave.

Do you suppose that’s how some people feel about churches?

If all works, I shouldn’t ever really lose internet connection, but I am doubtful.  If I disappear for a few days, you will know why.

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