dinosaur plays catch up

I have just put Holy Trinity on the map. Literally.

Why did I not know that I could add our churches to Google Maps??

I had a quick look for other Piskie churches, and it seems we are lamentably slow as a group. Glasgow Cathedral is up to date (with a nice plug for Frikki’s CD). The Glasgow diocese generally seems to be ahead of the game, though St Ninian’s is flagged and named for the rectory instead of the church.

So, calling all church-geeks. Go see if your church (or convent)  is there. If not, it’s easy to fix. Go to Google Maps, click on ‘Add or Edit your business’ and fill in the blanks. You can add a photo too.

I recently saw the Durham diocesan map, where they have every church marked. I thought they must have clever computer people and a huge budget. But clearly, neither is necessary.

(now off to do St Paul’s)

p.s. — if you go looking for Holy Trinity on the map, you won’t find it yet. It takes a few weeks to update.

7 thoughts on “dinosaur plays catch up”

  1. There is only one. Unless they want to give us the other one back. In which case, we will find a way to cope with two (synchronized liturgies with provost and bishop presiding, perhaps).

    Do you know, I have still never been to St Mungo’s.

  2. Hmm. I posted a comment (with a further link to a Googlemap) last night which never appeared – and when I tried to post a second time I was reprimanded by WordPress 😦 Is it me? Something I said, perhaps?

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