park not

I’ve just had a friendly chat with the local traffic warden, and offer this as a public service announcement.  (yes, he was pleasant.  All Dunoon eyebrows can be lowered now.)

I was trying to prevent him from giving someone else a ticket since I’d driven past a minute before, was now walking back from the Garage, and I knew the offending car had just appeared.  It was parked on the edge of the pavement/ sidewalk at a double yellow line, right next to a driveway.

‘He wasn’t here a minute ago.  He may just be dropping something off.’

‘Well that would have been fine, if he hadn’t driven onto the pavement.  You can stop for 11 minutes on a double yellow line to drop something off, but as soon as you go up on the pavement it’s an automatic offence.’

Those of you who live in places with wide roads will be bewildered by this.  Why would anyone drive onto a sidewalk?  But in much of Britain, lots of us pull up onto the kerb/ curb deliberately to make space for cars travelling past.

But now we have been warned.  Straight from the traffic warden’s mouth:  feel free to stop and deliver your goods, blocking traffic if need be, but don’t try to to be helpful by getting out of the way.

It’s all about prams and wheelchairs, you see…

5 thoughts on “park not”

  1. You may have to scrape my jaw off the floor… the street I used to live in, was end to end parking half on road, half on the pavements, and totally ignored by police and traffic wardens alike.

    There is an on-going battle going on to try and get it stopped for the sake of several motorised wheelchair users along the road, as well as the prams/pushchairs etc who all struggle on a daily basis.

  2. Actually, just for the sake of the poor average pedestrian who struggles along the pavement, as there’s often not enough room even for that, let alone with a wheel chair or buggy!

  3. If you would like to borrow our traffic warden to sort it all out, I’m sure the good people of Dunoon would not miss him at all.

    (It’s a small town. He doesn’t have enough to do, so he is hyper-vigilant. He has smiled much more frequently since the council painted double yellow lines everywhere in silly and unhelpful places.)

  4. If he’s not got enough to do, I can find him plenty to keep him happy and occupied in the cities of the Midlands, where really stupid parking is an art form!!

  5. In Hell the British are the administrators. They take a regulation, any regulation, and apply it with the utmost rigour and to the great inconvenience of themselves, because it is a regulation, and somebody thought of it, and …. well, the best thing to do with ANY regulation is to push it to its logical conclusion, regardless of whether the consequences are sensible or what you wanted.

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