the end of an era

St A, St A

Today St Andrew’s, St Andrews said goodbye to Bob, Liz and Timothy. All in all it was very low key, which is as Bob wanted it. Mind you, there’s a limit to how low key one can make it with 180 or so adults and another 30-40 kids all wanting to make a fuss and say good-bye.

Despite Bob saying all the right things about how little depends on the rector, there were many there today who would contradict him. St Andrew’s, St Andrews is a remarkable church. Its strength does not depend on the rector, and they will do just fine without him. But that is precisely the legacy Bob leaves, the fruit of his leadership and nurture over so many years.

And now begins the search for someone who has sufficient skill and humour and humility and broad-mindedness to take the congregation on to its next phase. Suggestions on a post-card, please. There are lots of people praying.

6 thoughts on “the end of an era”

  1. St A’s, St As was a good place to be, especially as a student and potential ordinand. Bob’s leadership and the care and support of a congregation who allowed me space to discover myself had a huge impact on my life at the time, and I know I’m not the only one. I wish I’d been able to be there this morning, but alas…

    In this time of transition for Bob, Liz and Timothy, and for the congregation, peace and prayers are all I can offer. God bless ’em all.

  2. I began the process of doing that search by asking the Vestry what they valued most about Bob’s ministry. If I remember right, the answer was that he was both holy and humble. I felt suitably chastened.

    Bob has had an extraordinary ministry of encouragement – particularly of vocations. He has also already shown many times why he will be an excellent bishop – by his willingness to put on the ministerial marigold gloves and clean up the messy stuff.

    A hard act to follow – yes indeed a time for prayer.

  3. Pancake Day! 3 frying pans on the go, kids running through the house trying to eat their age in pancakes, Bob with flour on his face, trying to cook amidst the chaos and be sociable at the same time. Great times.

  4. It’s the ‘sociable at the same time’ bit that I’ve never managed. After watching me flip pancakes all day last shrove Tuesday, one of the members of my congregation went home determined to learn how to do it so that she could take over next time. Bless her.

    The 2007 Dunoon- Rothesay-Tighnabruacih pancake party will be on Tuesday, 5 February, 4.30 pm – 9ish. All welcome. (we start early for those who need to catch the ferry home).

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