new day


Day dawns on a new era. I decided to let others do the blogging from Aberdeen and went to the beach instead.

You can read about +Bob’s consecration from Ali, Kelvin, or +David. It was all so very meet and right, and not a grey book in sight.

4 thoughts on “new day”

  1. just beside the Beach Ballroom where the reception was after the consecration (due east of the cathedral). The wonderful surprise of Aberdeen is that all the industry hasn’t spoilt a superb beach right on the edge of the city.

    And as an added bonus: once you get over the dunes, the ASDA and fun-fair fade completely out of sight.

  2. I loved it when we lived there, we walked a lot along the prom which stretches for miles. Glad the sun shone for you, Aberdeen just seems to sparkle in sunshine.

  3. I used to have to go to supervisory sessions for my doctorate in Aberdeen. Everyone told me that the weather was always grey and miserable. How slanderous to poor Aberdeen – the sun shone every time bar one – and the University area round Kings College Chapel looked absolutely wonderful – yes, Maureen, it sparkled!

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