last hurrah


My parents’ visit is coming to an end, and along with it, my holidays. Today was supposed to be spent doing practical things like clearing out the storage space and going to IKEA to get shelves. (This is sight seeing, you understand. My parents have never been to IKEA.)

But, stunning weather lured us to Lochgilphead and Crinan. It was chekerboard all the way. Stunning light. Stabbing rain.

I lured my parents out between rain-clouds by promising scones. But alas, we watched the person before us eat the last one. Thankfully the sky remained true.

3 thoughts on “last hurrah”

  1. You went to Crinan? Really? Can’t say I was shocked to read that as I have wonderful memories of the day a certain great friend mentioned Crinan a few times only for me to say ‘Would you like to go to Crinan?’ 😀 A fabulous place to take your folks and I’m glad the weather was good.

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