On the way home from the ICRC (inter-church relations committee) meeting I rather suddenly became ill. Lots of people had to be told, since I didn’t feel able to celebrate the evening eucharist. It was pretty grim till 7.30 pm, then very suddenly over. I was just pondering whether I could risk nibbling on some rice, when I got a text from someone who said that in her family there was a tradition of ‘poorly presents’ and mine was hanging on the door. How lovely.


8 thoughts on “kindness”

  1. I hope you’re feeling better, and I’m glad you have such good people around you. What is the pink item?

  2. Hope it didn’t get worse again?
    Alas, though a woman, I have a man-cold (to use Kelvin’s phrase)…and can sympathisize with the yuchay feelings.

  3. Sarah, there is clearly a great lack in your life that needs to be rectified.

    The ‘pink item’ is a hot water bottle. Essential at bed time in drafty old houses. Useful at other times when the cat won’t sit exactly where you want her too.

    I suspect you may have something similar in lavender and wheat that you heat in the microwave? If not, we know what you’re getting for Christmas.

  4. And is it not one of these cuddly HWBs with a fuzzy soft exterior? Mine, much cuddled this week, is, alas, one of the sad rubbery jobs with ridges on one side to stop it feeling so hot. But it’s not at all cuddly.

  5. Vicky – i’ve also had a man-cold (if by that we accept the convention that a man-cold includes a disproportionate amount of moaning and self-pity and general grumpiness) and blame it entirely on the influx of undergrads.

    I Hope everyone is feeling better soon!

    Chris, if you wrap the rubbery version in a sweater, or something, that’s much more cuddly.

  6. Sounds like the nastiest kind of illness where much time is spent in the bathroom – urgh. And how lovely of somebody to give you a poorly present.

    I have a serious man cold – I spent a day in bed for the first time in 10 years yesterday, and everything today has taken three times as long as usual. I did have a fever, too….. (pauses, hopeful of sympathy, then shuffles off.)

  7. I hope everyone feels better soon! Not much fun at all going around, it sounds like.

    Kimberly, I guess I’ve just never seen a pretty hot water bottle! I had a red rubber one as a child, but haven’t seen one since. We have a plastic heating pad in the infirmary I’ve borrowed on a number of occasions, though, and a small green neck pillow, microwavable (no scent, though). No pretty cover on the heating pad, but a pillowcase makes it better, if not cuddly – too stiff for that, anyway!

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