Not fully recovered from yesterday’s illness, I spent the day fishing for Advent resources.  And it occurred to me that we might start an Advent blog — poetry, photographs, short reflections either of your own, or by others.  If seven people were willing to take part, we would each have to offer only four things.

I thought about approaching seven priests (and bishops).
I thought about approaching seven members of the congregations.   And then I thought about asking you.

Are there 6 of you out there, willing to join in?  Please respond in comments.

If it works, we could repeat it at Lent.   If there are more than six interested, even better.

19 thoughts on “preparations”

  1. Kelvin, if you would like to provide a different headerpic that does not involve red candles and equally fits the bill, you are welcome to do so. It needs to be 700 x 200 px. Are you in for the occasional post?

  2. I’m up for posting and will try not to concentrate on candle flavours.

    My apologies for spelling mistakes above.

    Were I to be posting again, I would say:

    > Colonials. Candles. Colors.

    > It is propaganda.

  3. Once we’re up and running, you will all be given direct access to the site so that you can post directly. If there are seven of us, we can each choose a day. Or, if people have something in mind for a specific day, we can produce a calendar. I’ll email details once I know who’ll be involved.

  4. If you’re still looking for volunteers from the hoi paloi, I’m game.

    (and the pink is exceptionally pleasing)

  5. No, red is for advent candles, glasses are for Vanity Fair.

    And Elizabeth’s eagerness simply underlines my contention about colonials and colors one more time.

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