another revealing moment

Much trauma, and one vestry meeting down. One vestry meeting (and hopefully no more trauma) yet to come.

So, a bit of frivolity as I ate dinner.

I have just discovered the most wonderful blog.  Don’t let the most recent post mislead you.  Dig around a bit, especially in the clergy category.  Once again, this one is mostly (but certainly not entirely) for the girls…

6 thoughts on “another revealing moment”

  1. LMAO – it was only recent that you splurged on a bag too! I seriously wish I had more time to read your blog as it either tickles me or leaves me pondering which is fabulous for putting the work day behind me.

  2. Thanks for pointing us in the direction of this Blog. We all could do with some Beauty Advice!

    I do like being a priest especially when it means that I don’t have to worry about what to wear to a wedding or big event. Being able to just pop on my blacks saves so much trouble and angst.

  3. It’s just the opposite for me, Ruth. Most of the time, I don’t mind (though I wish I could find a shirt to fit), but I hate being suited and dog collared at wedding receptions when all the other women swishing around in silks.

  4. Maybe you need a silk suit and blouse with your dog collar? One with a skirt that will swish nicely? I bet if you designed them, someone would make them for you.

    Alternatively, I could lend you a nice grey habit that has lots of room for comfort, at least, and no fussing about changing hem lengths or lapel widths. I’m with revruth on that one. Big pockets for hiding a book, too. Wants ironing, though (and in my case, right now, before leaving for diocesan convention!).

  5. Sarah, did you not realize that my thoughts of becoming a nun ended when I realised it would mean a life time of grey polyester?

    Clearly do I remember sitting looking at the Anglican Communities Handbook on an upstairs porch in the middle of an electrical storm while a friend said ‘oh, go there. They wear black and they’re by the sea.’ (OHP. Which I dare say may have been right had I ever gone that route.)

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