Continuing the theme of the week.

For the first time in 17 years, I have found Baker’s Chocolate in Britain.  In Dunoon, of all places.  Those of you local:  it’s the little shop that does sandwiches and odds and ends near the fruit shop.  ‘Something dairy’ maybe?  Look for the tins of pumpkin in the window (another source of rejoicing).

This is the chocolate you need for American brownies.  It is unsweetened, solid chocolate which gives the intensity of flavour and squidgyness essential for proper brownies.  The recipe is on the box and the trick is, once you add the flour to the wet ingredients, you should use no more than 25 strokes (wooden spoon) to blend it in.  It’s OK if there are a few small lumps left.   Oh, and I’d leave out the nuts.

I’m hoping that if everyone reading this near to Dunoon will raid the shop looking for chocolate, he’ll keep stocking it.

Go and make disciples.

3 thoughts on “evangelism”

  1. I’ll be knocking on Cameron’s door Monday morning – too late tonight after the ultreya at Helen’s. As they say in all the best church mags, a good time was had by all, btw, and it was nice to see two Rothesayites.

    I like pieces of walnut in brownies – a bit of archaology adds to the enjoyment imo.

  2. Yet another reason for a trip to Dunoon.

    Please will you make sure that adequate supplies are in stock.

    Will arrange for a swap for fudge doughnuts should you be interested.

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