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I don’t usually draw attention to charities — trusting we will all find our way to the causes we will be most committed to. But I have just read this BBC article on The London Refuge for Runaways. They provide a safe house for runaways, and let the parent’s know the child is safe without disclosing their whereabouts . It is apparently the only refuge of it’s type in England.

Does anyone know of anything similar in Scotland?

I know Aberlour does lots of preventative work and offers refuge for mothers and children together, but I don’t think they do this sort of crisis intervention. (I’d be happy to be told otherwise…)

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  1. Aberlour runs the only refuge for runaways in Scotland and also provides mediation, support, advocacy and counselling.

    There are some worrying statistics – one in nine children run away every year in Scotland, and of those who run over two thirds are NOT reported missing!

    Aberlour’s Scotland’s Runaway Children campaign is in full swing, and you can access full details through their website.

  2. Thanks, anonymous.

    I had read the Aberlour website before the initial post, and am aware of all the good work they do, but I couldn’t tell from the site whether they do the sort of crisis intervention described by the London Refuge. It seemed that the focus was more on preventative action, refuge for mothers and children who were being abused, and long term care.

    So, my question remains open, if you or someone else can offer more information.

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