signs of the times

Ah yes, now I know it’s Advent.

My printer has been humming away for hours, there are pew sheets and would-be pew sheets flying about everywhere, and I have a dozen paper cuts (but no sermon as yet).

Advent Carol Service tomorrow — Sunday– at 3 pm. Wonderful ad hoc choir drawn from our remarkably talented congregations. Candles and dripping wax everywhere. Mulled wine and mince pies afterwards.

And, if the forecast is right, fun to be had on the ferry as well.

Come, dear readers from across the Clyde. You know you want a day out in the country.

2 thoughts on “signs of the times”

  1. Alas I have a straight choice – come home and finish the coat I am to wear for my daughter’s wedding – or go to you and turn up for wedding in the jacket I’ve worn three years now. Soz, the coat wins!

    However, daughter now does have an outfit to wear to her wedding, so I MAY yet win.

    And I found the millinery wire tonight.

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