playing santa

Blog off for a couple of days while I visit my god-children.

Meeting the newest one for the first time (only three-and-a-half years left till I stand a chance of knowing what to do with him), seeing how the eldest has adjusted to having to share the nest, and offering solace to Tam, the cat.

All thanks to Molly’s own fairy-godmother who soothes and feeds her majesty while I’m away.

6 thoughts on “playing santa”

  1. Tip: speak in a high voice with upward inflection – and smile! And then you could try a wee song…

  2. Treat all children as if they are twenty, and your equal. It got me though. I have a special baby calming funny walk I’ll teach you one time.

  3. Actually, the baby was far easier than funny walks or special voices. Very sociable, incredibly quiet and well behaved. Slept for most of an hour in the cookbook section of Borders.

    Clearly, the trick to god-parenting for the infant-phobe is to choose the mother wisely.

  4. I thought that with my first – all down to the good parenting. My second forced me to revise slightly. She appeared to sleep only when in motion of some kind. Exhausting was not the word.

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