all happening

tree trimming

The church is almost ready. The sermon will be an occasion for fervent prayer. But I am regretting that I didn’t seek sponsorship for the season:

This Christmas, brought to you by LemSips and other major pharmaceutical companies worldwide.

Cough, splutter, hack.

4 thoughts on “all happening”

  1. I hope you feel better soon! It’s maybe too late, but I recommend First Defense – it’s amazing.

  2. Thanks for the recommendation. It’s definitely more at ‘last resort’ than ‘first defence’ at this point, but maybe next time.

    And despite all my worry about laryngitis, I was so focused on the trials of preaching that I failed to imagine what it would feel like going through Christmas unable to sing!

  3. Can I add sponsorship by Ricola Swiss Herb Lozenges, Ventolin inhalers, and Immodium? And thank goodness for adrenalin, is all I can say.

  4. I’ll be thinking of you later as I peer through the smoke at St Ninian’s – here’s praying you and your voice hold out and you even manage to enjoy it! 🙂

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