empire building


This morning I tripped over a brown wrapped package in the porch, saw the return address, considered the size of the box, and knew immediately what it was: Carcassonne (with a happy note on the box: ‘includes free river expansion’.)

Carcassone comes with good memories. The friends who sent me the present  first introduced me to the game soon after I moved to Dunoon. It provided many hours of laughter and entertainment. Of course it helped that I accidentally won the first time I played. Without trying to understand the scoring, I set out to make things pretty — and found the most wonderful arch bridge that jumped over the river and connected my (well populated) town to the cathedral city next door. My friends hadn’t been married long at that point — else he might have known that I assume any city with a decent river and cathedral will eventually be mine to wander in.

So, I have a box of distraction sitting on the floor and no one to play with. With snow forecast too…

Carcassonne anyone?

(oh help. When I went to get the link for the game, I realized that there is an expansion set called ‘inns and cathedrals’. Well of course I need that. And I wonder which extension set that lovely bridge came from…)

7 thoughts on “empire building”

  1. I see there is a princess and dragon extension, among others… Can I be the dragon, I wonder?
    If I ever get to come visit you, you’ll have to introduce me to it, as you did with the pig game (what was the name of that, anyway?).

  2. While waiting for your city with a river and a cathedral, continue building bridges where you are! Happy New Year and good health!

  3. I also have Carcasonne…and am tempted to adapt the rules so that an additional ‘heretics and hospitals’ expansion could be added with appropriately designed bits…I spend many happy moments imaging what the bits might look like and whether they would cancel out the points for farm land/town buidling or augment them.
    I have also played it in a way that involved constructing a story around the events of buidling towns and acquiring parishes ….that’s quite good fun.
    Happy New Year to you!

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