So much easier to tidy up a blog than to tend to the rest of life. (Though this is my time off after a full day yesterday.)

I just couldn’t bear the blue. Will anyone be really annoyed at having to scroll to the bottom for links? (i.e. — does anyone rely on the links??)

oh dear.  I suspect I’m going to be annoyed by the lack of widgets.  Let’s see…

12 thoughts on “restless”

  1. I admit the blue was a bit . . . intense

    But the picture was so lovely! Where did it go?? (yes, I like the links on the side and use them – just to make things difficult)

  2. Wow! When I went to the ‘home page’ I got a stripped out version on white with no header, etc. Then when I posted, I got this!!

    Lovely. I like it muchly. Can resign myself to scrollling since I have picture!

  3. You might have caught me in the midst of updating. I love the simplicity of this. But the lack of widgets is aggravating. I’ve added a links page at the top (clicking is faster than scrolling). But I’ve lost the RSS feed, my preferred stats-counter and most importantly the ‘Recent Comments’ section.

    Still, I need the restfulness of this for a while.

  4. “I need the restfulness of this for a while.”

    I absolutely get that.

    The blue was a wee bit demanding, wanting all of the attention of the page.

  5. OK. Much of half day off wasted fiddling. I’m going with aesthetics over use for a while.

    Non-dithering colours don’t get us very far when I dither over everthing else.

    No more changes for at least a week.

  6. Coming late to this out of the darkness – I find it a bit … narrow. I find my own blog narrow too, but at least it has sidebars. Restful – or a bit sad?

  7. Come back to this after a day and just had to say once more that I love this new layout. It’s very beautiful and I find it incredibly restful (something desperately needed just now). Thank you.

  8. Good. It’s the Mac users that are out of luck. The colours just go flat. But when I tried other options, none of them looked as good on the Mac as they did on the PC, so I’m not going to worry about it.

    Any guesses as to what the ‘e’ means after the time in the comments? If I were on the East Coast of the States, I’d understand but…

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