not today

In January, I found a handy new to-do list.  It’s long and narrow.  It has lots of white space and different visual regions that suit the way I think.  It has a handy space for notes on the facing page, and an ego-boosting, stress relieving column where you get to tick things off as you complete them.  (actually it has two tick lists — one for ‘phone’ / begun, and one for ‘complete’)

It is very satisfying.  And it has helped me to see that quite a lot gets done, even on the days when the to-do list seems to show a Triffid-like resistance.

But not today.

After 12 hours of steady work, I have managed to ‘tick’ only two entries on the Thursday/ Friday to-do list.  And on one I was cheating (booklet prepared, but not printed — which takes just as long on my computer)  That leaves 22 things for tomorrow, plus a morning with plumbers, a trip to Rothesay, a vestry meeting, and all the prep for Sunday to be done before Saturday’s wedding show.

I doubt you will hear much from me over the next few days.  It’s a shame, because there’s blog-post just pestering to be written on latest stage of ‘the Listening Process’, and our collective failure to understand.

Go read Kelvin’s blog instead.  And Beauty from Chaos of course.  (oh dear.  Make that 23 things to do tomorrow…)

2 thoughts on “not today”

  1. ooh! i like the sound of that to-do list. where did you get it? mine are always on whatever bit of scrap paper is lying about and they get lost or thrown out with the recycling because i forget that that ratty old envelope actually has important information on it and then i have to start all over. i do love my lists though.

    good luck with all that you have yet to do…

  2. The magic list came from WHSmiths, though it’s a Pukka Pad, so you might find it elsewhere. And I didn’t mention that it’s spiral bound, with perforated pages, so you can either keep things, or get rid of them (or both).

    (isn’t it sad the things I get excited about? and I still have your chocolate…)

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