one of those days

I thought I was imagine it.

Everything happening at once. Phones, doorbells, plumbers, crises. Everything conspiring against me as I tried to clear the to do list and get ready for Iona.

Surely it’s me, just having a day of stressy not-coping, imagining it is all worse than it is.

But I know now that is not so.
Molly just fell into the toilet bowl.
Poor, soggy, wet stressed cat.

12 thoughts on “one of those days”

  1. Oh dear, I will deliver lots of sympathy when I see her! Hope you have a very peaceful rest of the week.

  2. I’m sorry – you of course have tons of my sympathy (and I hope you have a great time on Iona), but I did laugh at your last paragraph. I’ll repent later.

  3. She was not trying to have a drink. She would do no such thing.

    She was tense and following me around. I lifted the lid, spotted something the plumber had dropped and went to pick it up. She jumped toward where I had been a second before (heading for the tank), and splash.

    She is slightly calmer now. I think she deserves an hour of lap time before I get the suitcase out. So a late night awaits…

  4. I know I shouldn’t laugh. But I couldn’t help it. Don’t tell Molly, poor thing!

    I hope Iona is a beautiful change from all this when you finally get there and at least a little restoration of peace and calm is in the offing.

  5. no, no — you all have the wrong idea. I am going to Iona for a meeting. it does not please me at all to have meetings in places that used to be restful. But I’m just grumpy I suppose.

  6. Well, my love, meeting or no meeting, nobody can take the journey from you, or the place when you get there. Peace and joy lie in the interstices of pain and suffering.

  7. Yes, what Rosemary said, much better than I could have said it! I hope it doesn’t (didn’t?) rain.

  8. Oh, I do hope you and Molly have recovered. And that you were able to find a little peace and quiet despite the meeting.

  9. interstices… yes.

    had a lovely hour or two on Wednesday, staring at the sea from a comfortable nook on a hill/ cliff (what on earth do you call those mounds of land that rise up on the Scottish coastline?) Then two seconds later, it was hail, wind and rain.

    We thought we were going to get stuck today — but 13 hours after our initial first-ferry, I had made the journey from Iona to Dunoon, via Fishnish, Glencoe, Oban and Invarary on the way (a complex arrangement involving multiple drivers to get someone to Cambeltown as quickly as possible).

    It is good to be home. Especially when I find that in my absence, one person has left soup and bread for dinner, and tidied my kitchen, another has provided dish-washer tablets to match the dishwasher she also gave, yet a third person (I’m guessing) tried to feed my birds (though the cupboard was bare), and someone else has sent an unexpected ‘Christmas’ present that perfectly reminds me of both ‘him’ and ‘her’ (fingerless gloves for morning prayer in small churches = him; … in lovely colours and careful details = her)

    Now, time to pacify Molly — who will try to sulk after my absence, but keeps forgetting to.

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