everyday blessings

A day of goodness:

    1. blue skies
    2. at last finding the right spiritual director after many years of trying
    3. a random stranger recommending a CD on the train
    4. wooden puzzles
    5. a new book in a series of mysteries I thought had ended– light frivolous reading, much needed right now.
    6. chocolate cake (Lent? Really? It feels more like Pentecost.)
    7. easy train journeys
    8. light left at 6pm
    9. being able to take the rubbish down the drive without fear of ice, floods, or pitch black darkness
      and of course
    10. Molly, waiting patiently for a lap

      Apologies to those I hoped to ring tonight — my energy is spent in unaccustomed elation, and there are no words left. Tomorrow…

      5 thoughts on “everyday blessings”

      1. Hurray for elation! What a host of blessings!

        Three cheers for the right spiritual director, chocolate cake, truly glorious and what’s the mystery series? I enjoy them very much and *always* need light frivolous reading to take the edge of the theory.

      2. Bother. I knew someone would ask. These are books that I hide in brown paper the way one once might have hid Mills & Boon.

        The series is by Phil Rickman. The first one is called Midwinter of the Spirit (I think that’s the first). The central characters are a young woman priest, her teenage New Age daugther, and the mournful musician who becomes a part of their life. Sounds straightforward — till I say that in the first book, ‘stange things’ in the village lead to her being made the diocesan exorcist, sceptic though she is.

        Imagine Susan Howatch meets Steven King. The more recent books have been moved from Mystery to Horror in Borders. (brown paper stuff, you see).

      3. I’ve also recently, after many years of looking, found just the right person for spiritual direction and it is such a relief!! Think he’s still wondering what on earth he’s let himself in for, but he seems to be coping, so far.

      4. Yea for the spiritual director! I’m so glad you’ve found someone.

        I just got a call from mine, who’s been out of commission for months, and it was a great relief to know she’ll be back soon. It does make a difference.

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