local customs

deerIt’s snowing.

I have just seen the first couple of the day huddling under a large golf umbrella, walking through the woods.

Such a British moment, that.

In the States, we carry umbrellas in the rain. In Britain, that is often futile: if it is raining, opening an umbrella invites a battle with the wind which one cannot hope to win.

So, here, it seems umbrellas are for snow… cheery bands of red and yellow and green against shades of white and grey.

Perhaps I should set one up for the daffodils, which seem far from pleased to face winter’s betrayal.

addendum several hours later: OK, it can stop now. It’s been pretty, but there is enough. Really. I need to get to Oban tomorrow…

5 thoughts on “local customs”

  1. Has it stopped yet? It’s stopped here, and is now nearly gone. Thanks for the pic. LOVELY. Queen’s Park was nice this morning, but no deer and no graveyard.

  2. It has stopped. But the driveway still looks like a ski slope.

    The picture was ‘good enough’. Molly jumped in front of the camera for what should have been the best one (blurry cat, too close). Still, trying to catch the picture without scaring them away made me realise two things. 1. I want a better camera. 2. I really need to get the windows washed!

  3. The snow on Eaglesham Moor looked lovely this evening, however the blizzard this morning heading down the M77 was no fun. Even snow on the coast, although it had gone by lunchtime.

  4. No snow in StA BUT a beautiful sight was the snow on the far hills to the north. We did have ,as usual, a biting cold wind howling through the town and across the links.

  5. All I can say is Dundee was dry, sunny and warm this morning moving to dry and sunny but chill this afternoon and evening! Not a hint of snow.

    Lucky people!

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