This week is the diocesan synod for Argyll and the Isles.  And thanks to a morning presentation on communications electronic, I at last have the password for the office wi-fi.  Hurrah.  Blogs, emails.  The sudden justification of my laptop.

And, most important of all:  contact with the outside world.

But now I must go.  It is time to get ready for the chrism mass…

7 thoughts on “progress”

  1. The chrism mass is usually done on Maundy Thursday. It is the service in which the oils are blessed for the year (oils for healing, catechumenates, chrism). The service also includes renewal of ordination vows.

    It is done early in argyll because of the trouble of gathering people across vast distances. I understand this, I suppose it is necessary, but it still feels bizarre…

  2. Of course it is bizarre – but (leaving to one side the pint that I am not ready to sacrifice the Maundy Thursday service for chrism Mass on the right day) the point must be – the ministry ought to fit the place it is shaped for …..

  3. Can I add that in a strange way I found yesterday’s meeting strangely replenishing, if only because it made me feel oh, about 35? 😉

  4. That reminds me I need to get the key for St Paul’s office Wi-fi or figure out how to hack one of the available 5!

    Glad to hear progess come back from the meeting 🙂

  5. Back now — with several blog posts in mind, but all taking more energy than I have right now. (besides which, the diary for tonight says : Molly — lap.)

    Despite the joy of having the computer and wifi, the only time I had for blogging was late at night away from the diocesan office. And while I thought of driving over to see if the wifi was working through the night (and through the walls), I didn’t in the end.

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