wisdom or folly?

Now, do you suppose I will reduce stress or increase it by deciding to scrap my plans to go to Glasgow tomorrow so that I can do all the things I didn’t complete today?

Right now, I feel like I have gained 24 hours, and am relishing taking the rest of the evening off.  Thursday morning however…

Before certain people worry– I am taking Friday late afternoon-evening off, and a full 24 hours off next week (which is a good 23 1/2 hours more than I usually take in Holy Week).  The trip tomorrow was largely to get paper, ink and liturgical toys,  though I dare say Starbucks would have lured me in at some point.

5 thoughts on “wisdom or folly?”

  1. I am in a poor position to talk, not having taken 24 hours off since the week of the New Year. However, generally speaking, peacefully working through tasks is less tiring than travelling to Glasgow and shopping for things you need to have.

    But while my job is boring beyond belief, it is not generally stressful. I am glad to hear you are taking a day off in Holy Week, and trust you are also taking the inside of a week or in Easter week, or very shortly.

  2. Chris has the advantage of local knowledge here. It’s the perfect day for hiding at home while letting the answering machine deal with most things.

    What I need now is a dry-enough patch for buying birdseed and a sunny patch for putting it out… or at least for the hail to stop.

  3. It’s stopped, right now – and there’s a fabby rainbow over the water …. against the looming black which tells me it’ll soon be hailing again!

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