hope springs

kilmun woods

And while I’m on invitations, I wonder if Piskie bloggers might like to come ‘doon the watter’ for a day of blue bells, redwoods and conversation this Spring. Two suggested dates: Saturday, 10 May or Saturday, 17 May. Rain-plan — tea and cakes at the rectory.

We can be sensible and meet in the central belt next time…

p.s. — for these purposes, Piskie bloggers includes those of you who keep the comments flying too.

7 thoughts on “hope springs”

  1. Oh, bluebells and redwoods and Pisky bloggers (or guerrilla bloggers as the case may be)! Yes, please! Either date is fine for me.

  2. I trust my meagre efforts at commenting will qualify us to come. We would be delighted to be with you on the 17th.

  3. I’d love to but it’s all a bit out of my control. firstly I hope to have the house on the market by then, secondly I hope to be editing the book, and thirdly I hope to take one May weekend to visit daughter after she has stopped feeling sick, and before she needs mobility aids…..

    But it would be a really lovely thing to do, and I shall try hard to make it.

  4. Meant to say earlier that this sounds lovely, but it’s slightly too much of a trek from the Borders (I’ve been out of America for long enough now that driving from one side of Scotland to the other and back in a day seems far!). However, I’d love to pop along to a gathering in the central belt.

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