the work of the people

GF cross


So, the vandals have come.

I’m sorry the church has been damaged.

I’m sorry the congregation were distressed.

I’m sorry the children are so bored and isolated that destruction seems fun.

But their timing was superb.



window 2

8 thoughts on “the work of the people”

  1. Any graffiti cleaning experts out there?

    If I were sure that the perspex window would have to be replaced, I would be much inclined to have the congregation join in the writing as part of our Easter celebration…

  2. for anyone reading this blog from Dunoon –both the Spirit and the Police are very busy this weekend. Black uniforms before white spirits, please. They want to take photos of their own.

  3. Kimberly and Folks in the congregation – oh dear. How strange that it occurred at the stage in the liturgical year when Christ seems absent from our churches. Thank God for Easter Sunday….

  4. You have to wonder who would be dumb enough to leave a name…

    Can the kids clean it up themselves once they are identified, and also do some other community service while thinking about it? How are these things handled there?

    Seems sort of Good-Friday-like, in a way – I remember walking through busy markets on the Way of the Cross in Jerusalem and thinking that Jesus wouldn’t likely have been greeted with silence or respect walking to Golgotha – just as the building has not been, now.

    I’m sorry.

  5. It seems that what’s there to be said has been said and I echo the comments above – and so sorry that you have this to deal with on top of an immensely busy weekend and all the other preparations.

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