this is the night

Alleluia, Christ is Risen.

…in Dunoon at least.

We had a lovely, intimate service, far from the solemnity I had planned.

My trouble is, I cut my liturgical teeth at a school chapel with a congregation of 900. In my heart of hearts, I still expect at least that many to turn up. Thankfully, half tonight’s crowd were teens and tweenies, there to support someone being baptised, so the school background came in handy in other ways.

Thanks to everyone who worked so hard for tonight’s service and throughout the week. One day the rest of the congregation will realise what they are missing…

2 thoughts on “this is the night”

  1. It was a lovely service. And yes, the missing ones missed themselves, to use the parlance of my home city. Their loss!

  2. It was a beautiful service and maybe all the better for the intimacy. Christ is risen indeed!

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