little things

Encouraging news for Holy Trinity Dunoon tonight:

Someone* has purchased ten new cups and saucers for us since we keep running out after the service.

In the absence of reports of breakage or theft, I’m going to assume that’s a sign of growth.

*no prizes for guessing who. If you doubt the power of prayer, consider that this same person has, in the past fortnight, found in the local charity shops:

  • 10 cups, saucers & side plates
  • 2 iron candlesticks
  • 1 turned oak stand for a Pentecost fire bowl she happens to have, and
  • a siphon for emptying the font (sparing the rector much time with a ladle and spoon after the Eater baptism).

Oh, and when she wasn’t shopping, she found time to clean most of the visible surfaces in the church and to remove huge amounts of flaking paint. She even claims to enjoy dong it. Isn’t God good?

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