just wondering

Do you suppose News from Lake Wobegone provides sufficient cultural context for an American Scottish Epsicopalian about to travel to Sweden for a conference on the Lutheran church?

(this question sponsored by Bertha’s Kitty Boutique.  Remember, if you must leave your cat behind, the least you can do is bring them herring.)

5 thoughts on “just wondering”

  1. maybe ‘sharing herring’? Why should Molly have all the fun? One of the finest breakfasts I remember was with an Danish ex trawler skipper at the start of a bridge deck concrete pour very early in the morning…………pickled herring and neat vodka shots. Nothing like it! Has to be a frosty morning though.

  2. No herring yet. But i like Uppsala. Apparently we arrived for the first day of summer. Glorious light, happy people basking in the sun. English universally spoken, and a shop nearby where I can get food without having to read scary menus. Splendid.

    And would you believe the seminar on statistics was more interesting than the one dubbed theology? A post will follow later…

  3. Ah yes. Always remember his black lady pastor who, at the exchanging of the Peace, would squeeze her parishioners as if testing them for ripeness.

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