Stockholm Cathedral

stockholm cathedral north door

This was the one place I saw in Sweden that I really didn’t like. The people I spoke to claimed not to notice how very Masonic it was. So, I offer you a photo of one of the more subtle Masonic influences.

There was also a tetragrammaton over the West door; an early painting of Stockholm that seemed rife with numerological signs; a thoroughly dualistic George and the dragon; and a stunning lack of anything to do with Christ.

Update: I’ve added a wee beastie beneath the fold on request of the Mistress of Dragons.

dragon of stockholm cathedral

3 thoughts on “Stockholm Cathedral”

  1. Oh, oh, was it a George? Or was it a Michael? Do you have a piccie? (Currently mulling over the Michaels of the world, as you know.) (They are plainly intimately related to Georges, at the best of times)

  2. Very dynamic. Now, given the St George is pretty fully occupied, being patron saint of England and of armourers, would it be possible for the poor splendid dragon to be the patron saint of all animals being driven towards extinction? I’m with Hagrid on this one (as so much else) a pet dragon would be a wonderful thing to have.

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