red white and blue

It is still too soon to think while blogging but perhaps those of you in Britain might like some context.

Today I went to West Hartford to buy sunflower seeds and to get my ring cleaned. Never say my holidays aren’t exciting.

A very New England library — dedicated to Hartford’s own Noah Webster:

noah webster library

A fairly typical shopping area, with the possible exception of the Rolex clock:

west hartford

and just because it’s everywhere, Old Glory:

west hartford

14 thoughts on “red white and blue”

  1. Kimberly! Good to read that you arrived safely and are doing all those crucial (?) holiday things. Is the one way sign in front of library something meaningful? One way to God = through books, for example. Continue to rest well 🙂

  2. You’ve just brightened my day no end.
    Thanks for taking time out of your hols to post here. Love the photos. Looks like you have some lovely weather too. I hope it stays that way for you. Have a fab time.

  3. Vicky, you’ve raised a theological conundrum I’d missed. That one way sign actually points to a lovely white spired Congregationalist church.

    So, let’s hear it as one way.

    Momisa, all is well here. Spare a thought for the prisoner.

  4. I was thinking about visiting, and taking a Webbox, to at least make one moment in a day a bit easier.

  5. ok ok I cannot let this one go by, even though my US legislative history has been gleaned from t’internet! Only the USA, Liberia and Myanmar do NOT have an official metrication policy. Despite the US governments best efforts e.g. Metric Conversion Act 1975, Omnibus Trade and Competitiveness Act 1988 to name 2. And of course science universally uses the metric system. Unfortunately your construction industry is still way behind, but apparently you do buy soft drinks in 2 and 3 litre bottles!

    Sorry to jump a couple of posts for this update! Please read with tongue in cheek.

    Have a good break!

  6. Graham, how about embracing diversity – I think liquid in metrics; body weights in stones and pounds; distances in yards, metres (!) and miles (kilometres when pushed); sometimes for fun I think in cubits and footsteps…….
    Kimberly – I love the non-metric system, enjoy being in miles 🙂

  7. Lovely to hear from you Kimberly! Sunny today on Bute.

    Vicky, that’s a wonderful version of pik’n’mix, an approach which though sometimes frowned on, is really the only reasonable way forward in the situation wot we find ourselves in (how’s that for syntactical inelegance?)

  8. Indeed. I cook in Imperial, and sew in it too. But I do weather in metric. In fact, it is the childhood skills which stay in the old measurements.

  9. I drink (water, as often as not!) in metric. These fiddly wee half-pint bottles are far too small to be any use. However, I weigh in stones (so can’t think lbs) and bake bread in ounces (and not cups, unless KB supplied the recipe!)
    Chacqu’un a son metier, I’d say ….

  10. She is a very gifted dog. But she needs an occupation when I’m out. The drawback to her cooking is that she eats most of it, and her sewing is usually limited to unpicking seams. She is a somewhat limited self assessor, but a very gifted disciplinarian.

  11. Vicky, you think in cubits! Wow, thats cool! I’ll concede diversity (up to a point) but metric is the way to go, the Americans WILL go down this road eventually, and so will all the Brits despite all the ‘little Englanders’ still buying their apples in pounds! You need a verifiable system.

  12. Graham, we are Christians. We do not need a verifiable system. We need a system that is worth believing in and plausibly true.

    I’ll stick with inches, leave you to metrics, and trust that Vicky and God will keep cubits alive.

  13. What a very neat way of tying systems of measurement to the Christian faith and belief in God. I like that. Little did I know…………….!!

    Question, do you know what a GLUB is? This came from my one of my American relatives when discussing cords of firewood.

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