glub, gloze & insurrection

The great weights and measures controversy continues in the comments. But one comment needs to come to the fore. Graham asks if I know what a glub is, in relation to a cord of wood.

Well, no. But I happen to be at home with the best ever Christmas present which I bought for my father the first year I had a salary. So, care of the OED:

glub — obs. a mass or heap. First used: 1382, Wyclif Num xvi.11:

8 And eft Moises seide to Chore, Ye sones of Leuy, here.
9 Whether it is litil to you, that God of Israel departide you fro al the puple, and ioynede you to hym silf, that ye schulden serue hym in the seruyce of tabernacle, and that ye schulden stonde bifor the multitude of puple, and schulden serue hym?
10 Made he therfor thee and alle thi bretheren the sones of Leuy to neiy to hym silf, that ye chalenge to you also preesthod,
11 and al thi glubbe stoonde ayens the Lord? For whi what is Aaron, that ye grutchen ayens hym?

[actually, I’ve had to tinker with this. Glubbe only appears in the 1382 version, whereas only the 1395 version in online. Oh, and glubbe is a varient of glub, also obsolete. Glub iteself appears in the less interesting 2 Kings.17]

For those of you who have forgotten your Middle English, that says:

8 Then Moses said to Korah, ‘Hear now, you Levites! 9 Is it too little for you that the God of Israel has separated you from the congregation of Israel, to allow you to approach him in order to perform the duties of the Lord’s tabernacle, and to stand before the congregation and serve them? 10 He has allowed you to approach him, and all your brother Levites with you; yet you seek the priesthood as well! 11Therefore you and all your company have gathered together against the Lord. What is Aaron that you rail against him?’

So, it seems a glub is a mess of proto-pesky-piskies seeking ordination and plotting against their existing priest. Very worrying.

On a brighter note, glub led me to the earlier entry of gloze:

gloze (v.) rare intrans. to look earnestly and fixedly; to gaze with pleasure, to peer.

gloze (v.) rare. intrans. to shine brightly, to gleam. trans. to cause to shine.

I sense a gold star glozing for the one who comes up with the best example sentence.

And you see, Graham, why theology is called the Queen of Sciences? Even a glub of wood leads to God.

17 thoughts on “glub, gloze & insurrection”

  1. How about a glub of women clergy (denoting the group of ordained women called to be bishops)? Those who are pro women bishops could call them a delightful glub who gloze upon ecclesial thrones; Those against women bishops could call them a dreadful glub that cast a shadow upon cathedral doors. Ut oh, I feel a biblical commentary on the Song of Songs coming on….it could be reread as an allegory of a glub of women seeking episcopacy (as represented by the beloved) from the Church (as represented by the lover) overseen by the unknown author…..ok, now I really do need to get out of my study…….

  2. As I said ‘little did I know………….

    Slight confusion here that I need to correct, glub and cord were in a discussion about, yes, measurement variations between the Brits and the Yanks! A glub in this context is a unit of volume of mollasses. So mass or heap from the OED would be ok. Where that definition takes us in relation to God, I’ve no idea.

    As to the theological discussion I’m just gob smacked (or should that be glub smacked) as to where these blogs go and lead to, amazing. Thank you. My reading list has just got much much longer and a lot more interesting.

    Vicky, what have you done? I am working on a bridge replacement here in Cowal. A lovely little job which is now set out in cubits!
    Kimberly, you are supposed to be having a rest remember?

    Now where was I? Oh yes, at an angle of 22.5 degrees from the base line mark out 31 cubits turn through 90 degrees and ………………………………..

  3. This has to be the best thread ever! But I mustn’t yield to temptation till I have started the sourdough and made soup for lunch …

  4. Oh dear. I knew I was weak…

    CANTERBURY. Then hear me, gracious sovereign, and you peers,
    That owe yourselves, your lives, and services,
    To this imperial throne. There is no bar
    To make against your Highness’ claim to France
    But this, which they produce from Pharamond:
    ‘In terram Salicam mulieres ne succedant’-
    ‘No woman shall succeed in Salique land’;
    Which Salique land the French unjustly gloze
    To be the realm of France, and Pharamond
    The founder of this law and female bar.

    (Henry V, Act I Sc ii.)

    Henry is engaged in tedious conversation with two Bishops. The sort of conversation which makes me glaze over, but which I shall now remember because of this hour…

    And now I must go cook!

  5. Lovely quote from Chris, but that is another variant of gloze, meaning ‘to gloss’ (interpret), isn’t it?

    A glub of molasses. Of course. I forgot.
    Surely a God-given measure for the making of scones, gingerbread and raisin pumpernickel.

    Vicky, your words will haunt me at synod as we glozeth at the glub of glozing bishops.

    (oh dear. Is gloze a strong or weak verb in Middle English, and how does it conjugate. Must go find Sweet’s for clues.)

  6. p.s. for those in Dunoon. I have just remembered that there is a glub of garbage sitting in my bin. I forgot to wheel it down the drive before I left. If anyone has great compassion, sturdy shoes, and 10 minutes to spare, bin day is tomorrow morning (thursday).

  7. I wonder if there might not be a basal relationship between “to gloss or shine” and “to interpret” – some feeling of making a word/idea shine in a particular way?
    Oh, I dunno. My travails with Middle English lasted only a year, and my father threw out no fewer than six copies of Sweet when he retired from teaching – along with all his photographic darkroom equipment. Now there was a strong-minded man!

  8. Mmm, gingerbread, yum. I gloze upon it (mentally anyway, physically, alas, is not possible in the midst of paper writing).

  9. I suppose I was about five years old, and lying on a sunny bank. I was exploring my body and my abilities, and at the same time working on a little gift for the humans, in the form of a nice language I called ‘irregular’ in my head, and purposed to re name later. I’m never that hot at multi tasking, though I hardly understood that then, and to my surprise, I discovered that a certain intent stare at my toes, if done with enough love, could cause them to become coloured and shining. I was very taken with this double effect, and gave it the word ‘glose’. That is, I gave the stare and the amazing effect the same word. It had only one real draw back, which was that in use the colour chipped and wore, and I could not find a stare to take it off. I kept on glosing and re-glosing, but the effect became rather like the cratered surface of a bombarded planet, and not becoming.

    After that, accidentally breathing a little too hard to warm myself up, I discovered a good blast of fire would strip my talons, but was too hot for my poor toes. I let the colour wear off the toes and then alternately glosed and stripped the talons – I favoured gold, but occasionally went for red or pink.

    Once, I was guarding a group of women from the Old Enemy – once they had got past the usual terror, they began to admire me, and especially the talons. I explained that they were only like that because I coloured them, and they began to experiment. I believe it is still commonly done, though for humans merely loving intently is not enough … they copied the colours, though.

  10. p.s. This was told to me this afternoon by Michael himself. He thought I looked very bored, cleaning. My typing is not up to his story telling, and I accidentally put a double ‘I’ in the story, which distresses him a bit. I remain unsure, but I think he referred to his toes as ‘glazed’ at one point.

    [Michael can rest in peace. I deleted the errant I.–KB]

  11. Listen to Graham when he says you’re supposed to be resting. The next time you go on leave, I shall tell your churchwarden to confiscate your laptop!

    Enjoy the rest of the holiday!

  12. Eamonn, when I’m on an unwired holiday, I pine for my laptop. I even use my phone to post to my blog (how sad is that?)
    Kimberly, a good fairy has put your bin at the foot of the drive. I was not that fairy; I merely report it….

  13. I love what happens with the blog when I go on holiday. I provide very little and the comments get more and more creative.

    Thanks to the kindly bin-fairy, and the angel of good news.

  14. Eamonn I fear it is already too late for many of us. I blogged on my honeymoon.

    [In my defence I’d only taken the laptop so we could look at wedding photos, and it was only when we got to the cottage that we discovered they’d just installed free wi-fi. What’s a girl to do?]

  15. The suns rays gloze the serpents skin as it sensed the tiny vibrations of the the footsteps of the approaching woman.

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